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I am a hobbyist developer,try my live apps below

Mobile Apps

Available on google playstore , ubuntu and amazon markets
1) ClipOn [Clipboard Manager and note making productivity tool]
This is a highly productive app to clip contents from your device over any app and save,share and export anytime, anywhere.

  • Stores all that you have copied or cut in the past, allowing you to quickly
  • Find that snippet of text you’ve been looking for afterwards
  • Can store unlimited number of text clips and can be configured by user
  • Sleek interface with material design
  • Simple notification ,can be configured by users
  • Share the clips to any other app like Facebook,watsapp
  • Can take backup for existing clips and restore them
  • Clips can be recovered even after reboot or crash
  • Easy to use Material Design User Interface with simple click and swipe

2) Candyman[Android Game]

  • Combines concept for Flappy bird and Super mario
  • Integrated Admob and google play services
  • If you love flappy bird game ,you will have to play this once

3) TheTicGame[Android Game ]

  • Simple tic-tac game for android
  • There is also an iOS Implementation



  • No more alive (: ,will be back soon ,please subscribe above