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Recently i came across a quote written by bill gates(as said ) which claims that he will hire a person if he is lazy because he will find a method of solving a problem in least time and make it easy for others and stated “Be Lazy Think Crazy”.It made me happy because unlike bill gates everyone else in my life made me think that its is a bad habit and unproductive.This made me curious to find more about the so called “Laziness” and i did a small research and find few interesting things which i am going to present it along with a case study.

A.What is Laziness(as an optimistic Programmer):

The Quality that makes you go to great effort to reduce overall energy expenditure .It makes you write labour-saving programs that other people will find useful,and documents what you wrote so that you don’t have to answer so many questions about it.

B.Laziness, Open perspective

Laziness can be in two forms in us ,the first one is by CHOICE and the second one is by HABIT .The first option occurs when we actively choose the path of becoming lazy and the second option is when we subconsciously take the path of becoming lazy in every other work because its our habit and do it more often and make it our way of living.

C.Laziness in Your Life

Now Laziness can be manifested in 4 ways (Example:Suppose you have to submit a math assignment to find minima,maxima and plot a graph out of statistics in table of 50 problems and to be submitted within 10 days then you will have following options ,Assuming you are lazy just like me. )

  • Don’t do It(choosing not to do the assignment)
  • Deferring the work(choosing to do it late after everybody has submitted and got corrected so that you can copy from them without committing any mistakes and errors)
  • Doing it quickly(find the solution manual /old notes and copying all solutions found and skipping rest of them)
  • Writing a Tool to do it(Solving a problem and then analyzing it to find its solution patterns/algorithms and carefully writing a program which accepts given input and gives max. and min. points along with its plotted graph and then just copy those for 50 problems).

D.Laziness is a quality

It is really a productive Habit of attaining Excellence by optimizing your problem solving skills and minimizing risks and wastage of time and resources for achieving your goals.The only reason why experienced people don’t like it is because it requires a lot of thinking and looks that a person is not busy and consider them unproductive.


You have choice every time and everywhere but some are taken consciously and some are unconsciously taken by your habits(which can be replaced) but in spite of this its effects(good or bad) depends on which format of laziness you choose to Mr bill gates is talking about Long term (the productive form)Laziness,which is really beneficial for you and even others.