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People are always curious what does software testers actually do? Even the ones in software industry, I hope this will help them to understand better.

RequirementsRead Design Documents to understand requirements
RequirementsAttend Meetings and discuss Testing plans
RequirementsDesign Test Scenarios Documents
RequirementsTake Its approval from all stakeholders(customers,developer,managers….)
RequirementsSetup your Test Bed and Testing Environment
RequirementsFinally start test the tests
RequirementsYes…Tests fails and found defects
RequirementsFight with the developer and make them accept your defects
RequirementsWhile developer is fixing defects
RequirementsWhen all tests are blocked
RequirementsAll Tests Completed,Certify the software Tested and publish results
RequirementsGood news… its finally live,but wait and all are appreciated except testers
RequirementsBeing On call testing support after product live
RequirementsDefects escaped to production,everyone is searching..who tested this?