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Irfan Ahmad

Software Critic

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About Me

Hey I am Irfan,
A Software Critic ,who believes every software is a form of creative work and needs to be analyzed for quality before its users to make their life easy.


Recently discovered that ultimate Purpose of my life might be to Free people from concerns be it with humour, art or technology which gives him immense happiness beyond anything.
So that’s what I do in my work, free time and dreams.


  • Enabling developers to deliver quality in their software faster, reliable and on scale to make the world of software a transparent place.
  • Developing Critick.
  • Open source fan and contributor.


  • Lead QA Engineer at UpGrad
  • Focused on test automation, continuous delivery and site reliability currently.
  • Had played the role of a being a Developer, SysOps, Business Analyst to Quality Analyst and is always willing to explore for achieving the same goals above.