CryptoCurrently - My React Native App on Android/iOS

Recent Dabble

Recently i have started learning react and react-native for web-apps or native mobile apps and as we know that the best way to learn anything is not just to read or watch but to build something from your learnings.


  • Cryptocurrency markets are volatile so you need to keep a check on the prices of different Cryptocurrencies but that's very difficult and repetitive.
  • Felt need for an app to keep users informed on the latest prices of different cryptocurrencies in INR on a single screen so that you can take decisions on time and make more money 😊.
  • But Having hit and missed many investment opportunities on cryptocurrencies in last few months all because of not being updated with market prices on the go made me realize that this could be useful to many other cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  • Kept the app name as Cryptocurrently as Crypto + Currently and also being a typo for the original term Cryptocurrency

Why React Native ?

  • As mentioned I was already dabbing with react ecosystem and was looking for a good side project to support my experiments on both web and mobile.
  • Always fascinated by the idea of "Learn once, write anywhere" and building a Cross platform app which works on all mobile platforms.
  • Javascript - not a big fan of this language but still learning ,let's see 🤔.
  • Have heard of over the air deployment support with React ecosystem ,although haven't tried it for now but will come back to this soon.

App Features

  • It lists the most updated prices of all major cryptocurrencies in INR along with price change from last day and week , all on a single screen.
  • that's it for now 🙄.


Upcoming Features - CryptoCurrently 2.0

  • Support for displaying top 100+ cryptocurrencies
  • Coin details with history graph
  • Multi currency support
  • Filter results by rank, price, market change or rating
  • Multi exchanges price support - Indian exchanges
  • Cryptocurrency news

Final Notes

  • Download the android app here


  • Download the iOS app here


  • Web version will be available by next month
  • Thanks to Indrek Lasn blog for inspiration.
  • Feel free to add any feedbacks or reviews on this post or app store.
  • My Company UpGrad has a full stack development course where we are also teaching react as part of mobile development with live projects , you may signup for the course from my referral

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