Launced a free website checker

Hey there! I’m excited to share something I’ve been working on that I think will make your life a lot easier. If you’ve ever felt the frustration of keeping your website running smoothly, constantly worrying about whether your latest change broke something important, then this is for you.

Imagine having a little helper—a virtual monkey—running around your site, checking everything against best practices, and giving you a clear, detailed report. Well, guess what? I’ve created a free tool that does just that!

The Problem

Imagine you have a website. Keeping it problem-free is like juggling while riding a unicycle. Every time you make a change, you worry you might have broken something important, but you won’t know until you check every part of your site.

Now, what if you had a little helper that could check your website for you and tell you what’s wrong? Think of it like a virtual monkey that runs around your site, checks everything, and then gives you a report card.

The Solution

Good news! I created a free website checker that does just that. You give it your website URL, and it checks over 30 different things to see how well your site is doing. Then, it gives you a score for each area.

You can see an example report here.

Sample Photos

Sample Result View
Sample Result View
Sample Result Detailed
Sample Result Detailed

Features in v1.0

  • URL Analysis: Enter your webpage URL, and the tool checks it against 30+ best practices.
  • Screenshot Capture: It takes a picture of your webpage as seen on a desktop.
  • Top Metrics: The results are easy to understand with scores out of 100 and grades from A to F (A is the best, F is the worst).
  • Quality Parameters: It lists the main quality checks and tells you what’s good and what needs improvement.

Try It Yourself

You can try it out here for free.

Please note: Only one test can run at a time, so you might need to wait in line. If you need to use it more often, send me an email.

What’s Next?

  • Device/Viewport Testing: Soon, you’ll be able to test how your site looks on different devices like phones and tablets.
  • User Self-Signup: You’ll soon be able to sign up on by yourself.
  • Detailed Score Pages: Logged-in users will get detailed pages explaining their scores.

I hope this tool makes it easier to keep your website running smoothly. Try it out and let me know what you think!